by Skylen

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The self titled debut EP from San Antonio Rock band Skylen! Check them out on Youtube to watch the official music video for the single "Closure"

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released February 16, 2013

Written and performed by Skylen
Jojo Badillo-Vocals
Alex Cantu-Lead Guitar
Adrian Cardenas-Guitar/back up vocals
Garrett Lansing-Bass
Jr Courchesne-Drums



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Skylen San Antonio, Texas

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Track Name: As Senses Meet
Come save me now
My world just sees you
With all my words, I’ll draw you nearer
Not close enough, but I still feel you
Like the stars ignite the sky
One more last goodbye, help us start again
Fall here at your will
Don’t let denial consume you
Speaking of no flaws
Whether you’ve betrayed, your past is not mine
Look forward and we’ll forget where we’ve been
(chorus) Fall here at your will
Don’t let denial consume you
If you could see like I do
You won’t let denial consume you
Till the dawn, I’m finding light
To give you truth, from blinding eyes
Come save me now
One word to keep you
With my own voice, unknown sounds clearer
Wait too long, or take my chances
Steal the stars to match your eyes
One more last goodbye
Help us start again
Track Name: Closure
Before I left you I gave closure
If lasting this time leave your choices to fates hands
now I lay here struggling
I want you to know
of the battle in my head
to try once more
if the past was left hidden
I haven’t lied
your heart must know
the words of letting go
(Chorus) So forever lost in time
I’m here instead
keep the world that’s hard to find
I’m here instead
If ever minds betray with lucid dreaming
then I’ll lay and you’ll lay here struggling
I’ll let you know
If I ever do regret
and if I do
I will count my losses then
First we said it’s worth it to fight
A promise led to dead ends again
Your heart must know
That I’m letting go
Track Name: Midnight Theory
Time stops me in your presence
a lifetime only binding us
the rest decided here
Off your plea, let me find you
search with ease
never too late
(Chorus) When we're strong the sun will stay bright
in my eyes we're lasting here
let me go I'll find you again
so the wait it wont be long for you
One day we'll prove them all wrong
a lesson taking time
watch you breathe staring timeless
stand with me, never too late
(this is the last time, that you'll hear this story, of a love that was once forgotten...and searched for again)
Apart we'll lay
Till we find ourselves again
So our past remains hidden
With fate on our side
Desire burns bright
You'll know our strength in time
Track Name: Chained to Stone
I have been here once
I was warned not to stay
I denied what was real
Shut my eyes from the day
Did I ever let it show close to the end
(Chorus) Chained to stone
I’m no longer
Only trapped here inside
Whispering not for long
Let you lie through your words
Help me see what a waste
Let me surrender to you
Worst mistake I’ve made
Heard you lie in the distance from here
Soon the façade will be gone
Empty and alone
The choice is right
Did I ever let it show
Close to the end…
Track Name: Trials (Acoustic Demo)
One night the moon was gone
and never shined again
the past forgotten
She smiled so endless
but I’d rather just forget
that’s how it started
The sound relives here evermore
but I’ve heard enough
tell me when you’ve really left
One day you’ll find yourself
the reflection isn’t you
don’t blame the mirror
In time you’ll guard yourself
for when you cross my path
hope we’re both strong then
You said I will wait
that didn’t last for long
you said life is over now
withered slowly now
With few days to follow
This hour’s harmless you’ll get past this
Time’s colder when you don’t even try
lasting reasons I’ve heard your cries…
And I’ve heard enough